“An endless series of Wednesdays” is definitely one way to describe what most of 2020 felt like. With all this time we’ve had to reflect (and cry and laugh and make banana bread) we’ve discovered quite a few important lessons this year, but the one that really sticks out? 

*drum roll*

Never let a celebration pass! 

Cease those opportunities, people. Get the cake, send the invitation, go to the party, dress up a little extra sassy and never question whether the celebration is worth it again! 

Being “grounded” for months during international lockdowns meant that we really had the chance to see what it feels like to go without celebration. It meant that we gained even more perspective on how valuable celebration is, and it meant that we learned how to find fun, no matter what the circumstances. 

Living life in a celebratory way is a must at FineLine Events, it’s why we’re in this game! And guess what- it’s not just about having fun. It’s good for your health, too. According to research conducted by doctors at The Universities of California Davis and Miami, people who cultivate celebration and gratitude everyday have more energy, less stress and anxiety, sleep better, have better physical health and are more likely to help others. Need we say more?

We’ve picked out four essential tips that kept our spirits up this year. These are definitely worth taking into 2021 and beyond. Check it out…

  • You can bet on the small stuff

Because the small stuff ain’t that small after all. Morning coffee- big deal.

Hugging a friend- big deal. Having electricity to charge your phone- big deal after a week of stage 2 load shedding.  Those small things are invitations to indulge your senses, share a little love or find a little gratitude, A.K.A. little happiness opportunities. When there are less distractions, when there’s such big stuff going on in the world and nothing to get dressed up for, it’s the small things like that cup of coffee that carry you. 

  1. Make the best!

Some things you can’t control, but you have the opportunity to get glitter face masks and make the best of things. 2020, you have proven that life gets thrown off track. We get it. However, you can’t stop us baking bread just to fill the house with that delicious smell, finding the funny side in chaos, or throwing house parties on Zoom.   

  • Your people are everything

Your friends, your fam, your neighbours, your colleagues- all we’ve got is each other and that’s the truth! Showing your peeps appreciation goes a long way and feels really great, always. 

  • When you can- go big!

You never know when the opportunity to go big isn’t going to be there, so do it while you can! Next time you’re questioning whether to do something for your birthday that kind of feels like it’s at an inconvenient time this year- do it! Stop overthinking and have fun. While we have learned that there’s a lot of value in low-key, intimate events, a fat jol that’s spoken about for years to come is never overrated. Good memories are celebration gold- go get ‘em! 

The time to go big will come again, so keep those Pinterest boards of party ideas going, guys! Whichever way you can celebrate, big or small, let 2021 be a year of FUN no matter what! Hit us up for all your event planning support and remember- life is here to be lived as a series of celebrations, not Wednesdays (no offense, Wednesday, you’re fine once a week.)