The world of the “new normal” is here and that means a new normal for your wedding day too. Innovative ideas around how to pull off a beautiful (yes we said beautiful!) Covid-compliant weddings have sprung up quickly, but the truth is it’s a work in progress. We’re all figuring it out as we go. 

While Level 1 regulations make things a little easier here in South Africa, taking the right precautionary measures for your wedding is going to be super important for a long while still. Just because you’re doing it with caution does not mean Aunty Hilda can’t still do her traditional Nae Nae on the bar top. In fact the opposite. The New Nup Normal has its own perks. Here at FineLine Events we’re sharing our 3 perky precautions to consider for your Wedding Day – that’ll keep you happy, your guests safe, and the good times rolling.   

1. Procedures 

Here comes the… sanitizer, sigh. Safety procedures are here to stay, and they’re here to help, so we’ve got to make the best of it. Incorporate compliance procedures into your wedding plan to make sure you’re properly prepared for sanitization, screening, and social distancing. This applies to guests, entourage and vendors, and will apply to the day as well as all set-up and rehearsal. Ensure that the venue is also well ventilated with natural airflow to help keep the space clean. 

Screening stations are the new photo booth. This is where your guests will be entering the venue for temperature checks and a sanitizer spritz. You can absolutely make the process gentler and more enjoyable on the day by having bridesmaids and groomsmen take on the task of setting the area up to look beautiful, throw in some fun props, and quirky greetings to keep the focus on the special day. Remember to have extra disposable masks and gloves on hand at all times. 

It’s important to make an effort to practice social distancing. We know we know, this totally messes with your “throw the bouquet” game plan. It’s now statutory that the ceremony setup has 1.5 meters between chairs  – but – there are many creative ways to go about this that still make an aesthetic statement too – see our spiral set up. And what of the dancing? While many couples are deciding to eliminate dancing, hold your DJ budget right there. It is possible to create a socially distanced dancefloor (yes it is!) with designated dancing areas for couples and children and Aunty Hilda (we can totally help with that.)

2. Virtually yours  

Ah a guilt-free guest list. The dream! Thank Covid that wedding invitations now come complete with a Zoom link, so you can have your wedding streamed and accessed by remote guests – helping you keep the numbers down and the family politics at bay. Sooo, Jill and Justin you met at that full moon party in Thailand seven years ago are just gonna have to join on Zoom. While it is allowed to have under 250 people indoors and over 500 outdoors now, keeping numbers down is advised and was absolutely necessary for many couples earlier this year (let’s not even talk about having to uninvite people #awkward).

It is recommended that guests above 60 years old join the wedding remotely via your virtual component. Whether you live stream the whole event or simply send out a video recording of the vows or collect video wishes for the reception – considering this virtual component is becoming a popular must at weddings. 

3. Small is the New Ivory  

Intimate weddings are becoming more popular. Even eloping is becoming accepted! 2020 has seen some beautiful bride-and-groom-only secret fairy-tale weddings which really shows how that Big Day is being reimagined. Some newlyweds have even reported that they managed to stay focused on each other and not be overwhelmed by the event itself. Intimate weddings are proving memorable and sentimental these days for the two most important people there – the bride and the groom. No matter how small you keep your wedding, keeping it small and simple can still be beautiful and professional. Go ahead and hire some help to make that ten-person back garden ceremony super stunning. 

Now more than ever is the time to hire a wedding planner to help manage all these new components that are necessary for having a safe, smooth, happy day. FineLine Events has got your back from Covid to the Cake, and then some. We are here to formal the New Nup Normal, with love and attention. Hit us up for a Zoom chat. 


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