“Distant.” Ugh. That word doesn’t exactly fit into our event planning world of celebration, love and connection. But we’ve had to buckle up and embrace social distancing, and we’ve found a lot of positives along the way. Just like anything in life, you can choose to make it good or bad: an annoying hurdle to have to deal with OR an opportunity to be better and kinder. It all comes down to how you see things! This is why we want to give a little loving reminder on how to look at social distancing.  

As event planners, Covid hit us hard. Learning how to navigate individually packaged catering, frustrated grandmothers lost in the Zoom room abyss and requests to have absent guests photoshopped into wedding pictures has been… phew, challenging. But it’s reality, and we were not going to let anything keep us, our clients and our events from feeling the fullness of connection we all deserve and, hello– NEED as humans. 

The upside of Covid and social distancing is that it has made everyone more aware of our own effect on others. Thankfully, it showed us that we don’t need to be physically close to maintain strong connections. It also asked us to have a good look at how considerate we are towards others. While it’s easy to get caught up in the social distancing mindset of having to protect your own little bubble 

we forget that the whole point of 1.5 metres and masks is to respect the wellbeing of others around us.  

The word “distancing” feels cold, clinical, disconnected. It’s loaded with fear and has zero joy in it.  We prefer thinking of it as “socially considerate.” This feels warmer. This includes others rather than excludes them. 

To us, being socially considerate means being mindful of others’ health and needs without creating emotional distance. By having a kind, loving and considerate attitude, we can practice social distancing without losing connection, and create the space to continue celebrating in a way that serves everyone.  

When there’s sooo much fear in the air, it becomes way too easy to get selfish. It becomes way too easy to complain about a stranger that almost got too close to you in the queue at Dischem and ruined your day because you almost died. Ew. 

We sometimes get stuck in this negativity, obsessing over how things are affecting me me me, Instead of accepting what is and shifting the mindset to “Hmm, I wonder what ideas Pinterest has for how to throw a safe picnic party that I can share with my friend for her baby shower?”  It’s honestly so much easier and happier to think about being considerate of people instead. Complaining about your own bad luck gets super boring #JustSaying. 

Look, we can’t be perfect, the struggle gets to us all sometimes, but being in the biz of bringing people together we really want to keep reminding you not to lose sight of what’s important, which is…

 [Drum roll]


People are important.  Just love ‘em as best you can and, when you need it, go seek out a little celebration inspiration. Remember those cool humans who played music from their windows in Italy? Or maybe you missed those awesome shots of the Flaming Lips bubble concert? 

The celebration must go on, always. And doing it safely and considerately can be fun. Hit us up if you need help planning a socially considerate event, we’d LOVE to help!